Come Little Children




Come little children,

I’ll take thee away,

Into a land of enchantment,

Come little children,

The times come to play,

Here in my garden of shadows.

Follow sweet children,

I’ll show thee the way,

Through all the pain and the sorrows,

Weep not poor children,

For life is this way,

Murdering beauty and passions.

Hush now dear children,

It must be this way,

To weary of life and deceptions,

Rest now my children,

For soon we’ll away,

Into the calm and the quiet.

Come little children,

I’ll take thee away,

Into a land of enchantment,

Come little children,

The times come to play,

Here in my garden of shadows.

Fiona MacRitchie

Fiona Anabel  MacRitchie / October 25, 1993 (17/18-20) / Witch / Healer / Biokenisis, aura manipulation, Vitalum Vitalis, Clairgustance, Clairaudience, as well as healing abilities.


the mushroom

PB: Sarah Bolger

"There’s nothing we can do but wait."


Fiona MacRitchie is of Scottish descent, born  to an unnamed mother and father in Glasgow, United Kingdom. She was  and raised vastly in Edinburgh and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at age 15.

Her family had moved there to settle down somewhere in America, perhaps to breathe in the aura of the area and the vibrant music.

A healing incident with a friend named Autumn brings a whisked away Fiona MacRitchie at the coven with no word or information of it but known to headmistress Bette Klein and head counselor David  Hockley.


Fiona is helpful, medley spiritual  and blunt, regarding much like her powers. She likes to meet new people to shake off all the peculiarness in her life and likes to explore new things. She is an ally with Evelyn Branson, Natalia Garett, Simon Nessman and Olivia Marshal, and often helps deaf and disabled member, fourteen year old Alexandria Lee.


Fiona is of Scottish descent and means “white, fair.”

Main Characters

we’re all made here

One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small

And the ones that mother gives you

Don’t do anything at all

Go ask  Alice, when she’s ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits

And you know you’re going to  fall

Tell ‘em a hookah smoking caterpillar

Has given you the call

To  call Alice, when she was just small

When the men on the chessboard get up

And tell you where to  go

And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom

And your mind is moving  low

Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead

And the  white knight is talking backwards

And the red queen’s off with her head

Remember what the dormouse said

Feed your head, Feed your head

White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane

Olivia Marshal

Olivia Jane Marshall / April 3, 1993 ( Age 18-20) / Witch / Clairvoyance and Divination.

the dormouse

PB: Mia Wasikowska

"I’m tired of loosing the game when everyone else isn’t."


Not much is know of Olivia’s past except that she was raised far from New Orleans, and has a mother and ally of the coven,  God-fearing woman Cordelia Marshal.


A sociable  and thoughtful, while considerable person, Olivia has many friends. A secret obsession for beauty, she takes many pills and drugs to look youthful. This is known to no one else, but it will not stay that way.

 She keeps quiet about many things and barely speaks open to a soul. She has an unbreakable and strange bond with fellow member Evelyn Branson, who appears to be more than is believed to be. She also had developed a side crush for a  homicide detective who stumbles upon the coven, but realizes that something will go fatal in the end because Evelyn’s growing attraction with him.


Alexandria Lee - Fourteen year old Alex Lee develops a relation with Olivia, as Olivia is great at keeping lies on her lap and doesn’t treat her as a deaf little girl who can’t talk. Olivia has thoughts of sometimes using the potions Alex Lee’s potions to satisfy her obsession with beauty and youth.

Evelyn Branson, Natalia Garett, and Olivia Marshal -  All allies and even close friends to Olivia, each of them have the same high friendship with her, with a few wooden complications and fights.

Simon Nessman - Simon Nessman is  a homicide detective who is, at first, after the coven for terrible reasons. Olivia develops a crush on him as he settles there and the knots are tied, and even kisses him.


Olivia is of Latin origin. It means “Olive tree.”

Lilith Branson


Lilith Claire Branson /  January 2, 1981 (eternally 10 - would be 30 years old.) / Ghost / Demon / Succumbi blood / Succumbi sharp wits, eternal bleeding at touch and thought.



a rabbit who ticked the clock

PB: Megan Charpentier

"I’m not a little girl."


Lilith Claire Branson was born January 2, 1981 to Julianne and William Branson. She died at the age of ten, and her reason is still not known to this day.

Julianne claims she could have committed suicide, but she can’t conclude because how nice and sweet she was acting, even after her father’s death. She claims she was just happy with her daughter being happy and not depressed.

In 1991, Lilith was more mere than ever. She was always faultless and didn’t get in trouble. At the peek of sister Catherine’s birth in 1991, Lilith died in her bed.

Julianne did everything to prevent any media from getting on the case, as she would feel attacked. In later 1991, she gave birth to Catherine Branson, the next victim of the ‘Branson Deaths.’

Lilith is currently in a  horrid limbo, and has advanced powers since then. Succumbi wits and sharp movements, as well as the abrupt curse of making someone bleed at command or touch. 


Lilith was perked up and just like any other ten year old. Of course, more hyper, especially after her father’s death. She was sweet and more innocent than ever, and even claimed that best friend Anna Doven had tried to light her on fire after trying to try one of her ‘magic tricks.’ Julianne was concerned, and kept her daughter away from school for weeks to settle down.


Catherine Branson - Catherine is Lilith’s younger sister and they never had a time to get to play with one another when she was alive, but she was exuberant when she found out she was to have a sibling.

Evelyn Branson - Like Catherine, Lilith never gets to see her while she is alive, or even hear the news of another sister. Lilith is planning to meet Evelyn in the future, though, no matter what.

Leqba - Leqba is the keeper of he soul and her limbo as a ghost. Their relationsip with one another isn’t so keen, as Lilith tried to make him bleed. But, Lilith tries to maintain an alias with him.

Alexandria Lee - Alexandria ‘Alex’ is the only coven member and Voodoo praciticer, who sometimes sees Lilith around in her dreams and in rooms of the coven. She hasn’t told anyone, as Lilith wants her for something very, very special.


Lilith is of Babylonian origin, meaning ‘belonging to the night,’ and is also the name of demon Lilith who kidnaps children.

Evelyn Branson

Evelyn Marie Branson / September 26, 1992 (Age 18/19-21) / Witch / Succumbs/ Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis  and  Succumbi Abilities through intercourse.


alice of wonderland

PB: Michelle Trachtenberg

"Who’s the baddest witch?"


Evelyn Marie Branson is the main proganist,  born in 1992 to her mother Julianne Branson and father William. Shortly before her birth, sister Lilith died of age 10 in 1991. The family was upset but had nothing to do but move on. Evelyn’s other sister, who was born in August 1991, even got to be held by Lilith days before her death.

Evelyn’s other sister disappears August 2011, sending her under the aide of her mother and her mother only. Eventually, she ships Evelyn off in cause of safety measures and worry about her past with her children.

As she surrounds herself in the dark environment, secrets start entwining and webs start spinning. Suddenly, there’s no turning back.


Evelyn Branson is brazen, sarcastic, heedless, humorous  and snarky. She can be most described as a brat, but really, she is something much more deep inside, and not what you’re thinking.  Despite depressing her past, Evelyn seems very headstrong and ahead of herself, but obviously secrets come with such a thing.

After that, Evelyn is very loyal, especially when it comes to acquaintances. She shows a lot of innocence amongst the tight shell, but only especially when she is terribly close to someone. But, when you’re a Succumbi, you can attract every human soul that isn’t immune.

Her reaction and relationship with the students is mild, but is at first she is disliked by everyone because of how she comes off as. Either way, Evelyn actually develops a  tight-knit circle of friends: Olivia Marshal, Natalia Garett, and homicide detective Simon Nessman, whom she develops an attraction for. As the time goes through their relationships, blood begins to rise in someone’s throat.


Simon Nessman - At first, the two hate each other, due to his ambition of wanting to destroy the coven after they had ‘captured’ his younger sister, Lily, when they were just holding her safe after an attack near there.

Simon discovers a few secrets of his own, thanking the coven and staying with them. He fakes his death to his co-workers and begins a new life under the same name, but in different walls.

Simon and Evelyn develop weird feelings for another, and soon someone will end up falling in the end. 

Olivia Marshal- Olivia first encounters Evelyn and is her dorm room roommate.

Olivia and Evelyn are complete opposites, and could be considered frenimies because their bipolar relationship as the story proceeds.

Natalia Garett - Natalia is a friend and pseudonym to Evelyn. They often get in  trouble and share some personality traits such as snarkiness, but Natalia can often control herself better than Evelyn, whom is reckless. They are frenimies and show glimpses and almost heaps of vulnerability and trust.

Lilith and Catherine Branson - Sister Catherine and Lilith are both dead, except Lilith’s practice of witchcraft have left her in a limbo, while Catherine is dead in ‘Heaven,’ or has her soul choked up by Minotaur Leqba.

Leqba - Leqba is a keeper of souls and voodoo transmuator, whom has the souls of Evelyn’s sister by rumor. He can turn into anything he wants, but is usually in the form of a Minotaur. Connected in the past of Jack, a student at the coven who was attacked by him for an unknown reason, maybe to even collect his soul.


Evelyn is of  Hebrew origin and means ‘life.’